Game modes:
* deathmatch and team mode – eat smaller dots and run from bigger dots
* Paint mode – paint area on the map with your blobs
* Soccer mode – push ball and shoot goals with your dots

Some tips and tricks:
* hack other players by pushing viruses into them
* push other players when having shield power up into virus
* feed viruses with bombs and poison to make another one
* push other players into your friend with virus
* help players in your teams by pushing poison to enemies
* … and lot lo more hacks and possibilities! 🙂


Dogar.io is another great io game that I want to share with you. In the game, you will keep eating the smaller ones to grow huge. Your main mission should be becoming the biggest dogar survived to win the game. The most special point in Dogar io is that the game has two new modes dedicated for team including splatoon and soccer mode.


You can create your own team as well. Just keep in mind that you should have different strategies for the different modes. In specific, for Agrio deathmatch and team mode, you should eat smaller dots and keep away from the bigger ones. However, with Splatoon mode, you definitely should paint area on the map with your blobs and push ball and shoot goals with your dots like in a rocket league instead in Soccer mode. Can’t wait to play it now? Enjoy!

How to play? Use the mouse to play Dogar.io at Abcya Games.

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Rating: 4.0/5