Gold Miner Vegas – Gold Miner – The Gold Miner is currently living in the outback of Australia and he is planning a little trip to good ole Las Vegas but before he can go, he needs some serious cash for gambling, booze, and um… yea, you know, whatever else might be in Vegas that is fun to do.(you can play online on abcya Games)

So anyways, Gold Miner Vegas also known as the Australian Levels adds a few new twists and turns to the great Gold Miner series. Firstly, you can now move your cart from left to right with the arrow keys. This is a huge advantage for our hero since he can more accurately position himself for the big gold nugget payoff! While perusing the stores in between levels, you will also find that the storekeeper has some new items in stock. Titanium cables for ultra heavy objects and Oil to grease up your cart wheels and make you move faster are a nice addition to the traditional dynamite sticks and rock books.

Gold Miner Vegas in your browser for free. Gold Miner Vegas – Gold Miner is off to Vegas to win his fortune! First he will need some gold to gamble with though, so help him get rich.

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