Best Friends Adventure GamePlay:

Best Friends Adventure is a fun and simple game for 2 players. Or if you can use both of your hands at the same time, then you can play alone. You can your friend will join an endless adventure where you have to jump over the obstacles and avoid dangers. At Abcya free games, it’s not easy at all. The key point is rapid response. 2 characters automatically run, so you have to take action quickly to deal with these obstacles.

Some obstacles require you to jump over and the other ones look dangerous but if you jump, you die. So you are better to quietly run through. As you play, you can know how each kind of obstacle work. If one character dies, the other keeps continuing until he or she can’t. And the final result will appear and you can find out who is the better player.

On https://abcya.club/, there are not too many games for 2 players and this is considered one of the rare options that you and your friends can play together at the same time. You can play alone if you can control 2 characters at once or if you can’t use both of your hands, you can challenge yourself in this mission. The adventure seems never to end and it just ends when you die. The game design is very simple, simple from the graphics to the gameplay, but it has unbelievably attractive.

Besides, it’s simple enough for everyone to play, even a little kid. How long you can go? Who will be the winner? If you want to play more, let’s check out the following options: City Helicopter Flight and Minecraft Remake.

Instructions: W for Red cube and up arrow for blue cube

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