Bike - Dont Rush GamePlay:

You may have played several motorbike or car, train racing, or driving simulator games, right? What about the bike-driving game? Do you want to try it? We have an amazing option for you. Its name is Bike – Don’t Rush. It tests your bike-driving skills. However, unlike other driving or racing games out there in which you have to drive at full speed to cross the finish line as fast as possible, here, you should know when to slow down and when to speed up. By mastering speed, you can keep yourself safe and achieve your goal. And your goal is to go as far as you can. You can consider the game as an endless bike-driving game. It will be an endless journey only if you can go through all obstacles. Yes, to go to the furthest, you have to pass a series of obstacles. You should speed up when the moment comes and you should slow down and wait until it seems to be safe to rush through the obstacles. Remember that you can not stop. You can ride your bike at the lowest speed but you can’t stop it. Do not overspeed. Otherwise, you will regret it because you won’t have enough time to handle the upcoming obstacle. Once you crush into one obstacle, you have to restart your adventure. The game doesn’t offer any special items or boosters to keep you safe or to revive. It’s better to move slowly when you’re approaching the next obstacles and speed up when the time comes. You can challenge your friend to have more fun. After that, don’t forget to explore a wide range of games. We have so many Frivland cool games for you to enjoy such as Idle Country Tycoon and Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure.

How to play: Left mouse to speed up and right mouse to slow down.

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