Birds Vs Blocks GamePlay:

Birds Vs Blocks is a fun casual game that suits everyone from kids to adults. If you love to play something easy to play but hard to master, this one is for you. Vist Abcya best free online games and you can find so many games like this awesome game. Here, you are a daddy chicken or mommy chicken who is responsible to lead your kids to go as far as possible. Just imagine that you lead your kids home. However, you have to go through so many obstacles. You will have to overcome obstacles created by blocks.

Each lock has a specific number on it. You have to go through the block that has the small number because each time you go through a block, you will lose several chicks that are equivalent to the number on the block. Therefore, if you go through a block that has a number bigger than the number of chicks you have, your journey ends there. You collect more chicks on the way.

You can not speed up or slow down except for moving to the left and right. Like many games out there and at https://abcya.club/, as you advance, the moving speed increases significantly. This makes you hardly move to the left and right to go through the lowest number as well as collect the biggest number. You also can pick up shield and bullet powers – some features that make the gaming experience more interesting.

It’s better to play this game on a touch device and computer with your mouse. Let’s see how far you can go. Have a safe journey! Enjoy other games such as Mora Rush and Sparrow Flappy.

Instructions: Drag to move the chickens.

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