Cars vs Zombies GamePlay:

Why zombies here? You don’t need to find the reason. You just need to stay focused on how to kill them because zombies are sure to bring something bad. In this 2D zombie-themed puzzle and driving game at free abcya games, your ultimate objective is to crush all zombies standing in the parking area. Are you good at parking? You need skills to park your car. So let's find out the details of your mission at each level.

You drive your car and stop your car in the parking area to get a medal. You can get the bronze medal, silver medal, and gold medal depending on how much time you spend to finish your mission. Make sure the car fits the parking slot. If you stop your car at the right time, your car will be drifted and you fail to complete that level. You will see the red sign that changes the direction of the car. It means when your car reaches that sign, your car automatically changes the direction. Don’t let the car fall down.

A level is considered complete when you kill all zombies and your car stays safe in the parking slot. As with other level-based games at https://abcya.club/, the challenging level increases lightly as you level up. You have to park more than one car at each level and deal with more challenges. Observe the surround before taking action to make sure each move is perfect and each move leads you to success.

It’s harder to succeed than it seems to be. You may have to try more than 1 time to complete a level. Good luck and enjoy your free time in more games such as Monster Wheels Apocalypse and Road Crash.

How to play: Click or tap to move.

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