Cat Safari 2 GamePlay:

Make charming felines in the vivid creature application Cat Safari. Strange cartons appear to show up consistently on a huge deserted field - and inside, every one holds a lovable little cat! Joining two of a similar sort of feline yields something totally new - bit by bit, you'll have the option to raise one of a kind new types of felines. Experience the special feline game at Abcya club and start your very own feline development! Cat enthusiasts aren't the only ones who'll scramble to get an ever increasing number of felines.


• diverse breeds of cats that can be combined into new felines

• adorable animations and lovingly detailed graphics

• constant evolution

• spectacular opportunities to fuse cats from regular mixes over purebreds to big cats

• virtual customers seeking specific breeds

• sale of cats for in-game currency which you can use to customize your meadows

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Use the mouse to play this game.

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