Conquer The City GamePlay:

A city is too crowded and some cities are very boring. Please help the inhabitants of the cities to communicate and meet each other. Join the online game Conquer The City at Abcyacom games. Accept all the challenges of this game. You will make this place very crowded, busy and balanced. Conquer The City is a simple and fun puzzle game that lets you conquer cities of other colors while defending your own. When all the cities turn blue, you win.

Slide your finger to connect two cities and when you're about to fail, try the next skill. Join the game and exercise your brain to take over the whole city. Connect buildings to conquer and conquer all buildings. All that fun is present in the online game Conquer The City at https://abcya.club/. You will not feel it as a surprise. All that fun is waiting for you to discover. In the game there are many different city buildings.

There are very tall buildings and crowded with people. But there is the dull gray building. Allocate the population so that the buildings all turn green and you have completed your task. Let's connect buildings and their inhabitants. All will unite rather than live alone. Eye-catching graphic design, very relaxing gameplay will make players love it. You can completely overcome all these challenges.

The game has many levels. Pass all these levels and you will succeed. Together we complete a lot of experiences. Invite friends to play and share the fun with them. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to  10x10 Winter Gems

Instructions: Use mouse or touch screen.

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