Craft Lumberjack GamePlay:

Minecraft game once created a craze among young people to explore this fascinating 3D game. Craft Lumberjack at Abcya games is also based on the graphics of Minecraft. However, this game is not a bloody war like other games of its kind. This is a race with a series of challenges and death pits everywhere. Your character has been chased and lost in a mysterious forest.

Here, many fire pits are appearing everywhere. Whenever you fall into it, it will burn you immediately, Craft Lumberjack will also be over. Your task is to control the character to overcome all challenges and go as far as possible. However, death traps are everywhere and they can appear unexpectedly. You must observe and control the character skillfully to move through the fire pits and collect as much gold as possible in Craft Lumberjack at abc ya.com. In this game, you will not have a fixed time to complete each level.

However, the speed of the game will also increase significantly after the next levels. The difficulty level of the game will be significantly increased by the fact that fire pits will appear everywhere with a dense density and can destroy you at any time. You have to earn a lot of gold and use it to buy new clothes for your character or power-ups to destroy things easily.

In addition, you also need to collect many wooden blocks so you can build a long road without falling into the cliff. What are you waiting for? Discover some other similar games like Super Hero League Online.

Instruction: You just need to control the character with the mouse or touch it directly on the screen if you use a phone or tablet.