Crunchy Munch is an exciting arcade game which is playable abcya3 club. You can move with the arrows, and your task is to eat all the food in the maze. You have only three lives and avoid being eaten by the ghosts. When you eat red food, you can also eat ghosts. In each level you have to move around the board and eat the dots while avoiding the ghost. Have fun and enjoy!

Pac Man is back in action. He is in a maze full of dangers and relies on his help to get out alive from this game of eats. Here at online abcya games, assist him escape the spooky ghost by preventing him from touching the character. Be quick in all your actions by moving the Pac Man with escape skills and also to pick up the balls that are scattered around the scene. Make him eat the red ball, so his enemies fall asleep and there are more possibilities to collect the yellow balls without worrying about being attacked.

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Use the mouse to play this games

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