Daily Solitaire Blue GamePlay:

Every day, Daily Solitaire Blue brings you a new kit kat board game game! Depending depending on the day of the week, you can actually appreciate a variety of challenges and difficulty levels. Practice makes perfect! Play every day to keep increasing your chances of winning month - to - month prizes! Daily Solitaire Blue makes sure hours of fun but rather brain teasing when combined with both the beautifully crafted graphics that Softgames Solitaire Abcya Club Games are known for! Enjoy the said masterpiece of a card game!

The Daily Solitaire Blue primary goal is to sort each one of the cards into four piles. So every pile's foundation must begin with an ace, and the pile must be built in ascending order from aces to royals. A card - or a cluster of cards - can be moved into any of the seven columns if the top right card's value is exactly one lower and its color is different as from magnetic stripe being moved on.

Enjoy a lot of fun while playing and be captivated by the attractive graphics. Get started now! If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Cinderella Match 3D.



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