One of the most popular arcade game for the 90s kids is here with the updated features and a virtual base theme! You can play the game like those in the old game show in Fit In The Wall, the new arcade game from abcya games! Let us guide you through the rules of this game. Your task is to move the free block to the correct position before the combination of blocks hits the wall.

The hard part is that there is only one correct position for this block since it’s the only one moveable. Moreover, the intense feeling of the limited time will push your adrenaline rush up. The players need to take a look at the holes on the wall, then decide where the little free block should be. After that, move quickly to that position before the blocks reach the wall.

Should you fail to create the right formation before touching the wall, the blocks will break apart. There is only one correct formation to pass through the holes, which means more challenge for the players when it comes to the complicated shapes on the higher levels. Keep your movement stable, don’t panic and you will do just fine! Hard as it sounds, the game play is fun to play with your friends! You can check out more choices from the arcade collection like Leader War and Wrestle Up at http://abcya.club.

Instructions: Touch on the left and right side to roll to that side. Hold to roll the block continuously.

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