Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim GamePlay:

In the cutting-edge driving simulation game Fire Truck Simulator, you take on the role of a firefighter navigating a crowded metropolis while being attacked by vicious criminals! Operate your fire truck, extinguish the flames, and save occupants from the fire. Every time there is a crisis in the city, fires are claiming lives! The skilled firemen are always on hand to help. You have been given the assignment by the rescue agency to stop the casualties. You will strive to maintain control of the situation as you travel the city in your flying fire truck. Drive, fly, save lives, and save the world!

Also, the keys that you have will help to unlock new car models from the game's garage! All it takes is one touch to play the game, whether you are enjoying it from a PC or mobile. Keep going further on this obstacles-filled road in the countryside and enjoy the fun-themed game for free now! Other similar games like Burnout Night Racing with different designs and rules are added daily here at Car Games!

How to play: W-forward, S-backward, A-left, D-right, F-in/out truck, ESC- pause, R-reset truck, Z-spray water, Y-accept mission, N-decline mission, L-police light, Q-fly/land, I-instructions

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