Forest Brothers GamePlay:

The cute squirrels are on an adventure in the jungle. Would you like to experience those thrills in the Forest Brothers online game at Abcya games 2 player. Uncle Soc will feel very happy and lucky to have your help. They will have an adventure in the deep forest with lots of dangers lurking. Help them to have a safe journey and have good luck. What are you waiting for? Join the game now to experience many new things and attractions.

We will have a lot of fun exploring. You will love it. Find the rules of the game and start the adventure. Forest Brothers is a unique game where you control two cute squirrels at the same time trying to get to the magic particle position in the game to win. But you have to do it for a limited time. Your score is 0 if you lose the game. Collect as many coins as possible as they are very important to the score if you win the game!

You will have to constantly move and control 2 squirrels. So play with your friends for the full fun. You will try to use your best to control the squirrel up and down to the left and right to collect gold coins, avoiding all dangers along the way. Many dangers are lurking by many bad people. The bombs explode, the sudden bullets will hurt the squirrels. Be ingenious to go away from all that and become a blessing. Are you ready to complete those tasks today?

Vibrant graphic design, you will be discovered a lot from this game. Hunt ready to join the online game Forest Brothers at http://abcya.club/. Do you want to play some other games similar to Arkadium Bubble Shooter.

How to play: PC control: W, A, S, D and Arrow Keys.

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