Funny Rescue Gardener GamePlay:

Rescue Samantha from the horrible accidents that the profession gives her. Start now on the game Funny Rescue Gardener at Abcya simulation games to become an ambulance doctor and help her return to a normal person. She looked pathetic all over her body with plant wounds and fall scars. You need to follow all instructions of the game. Cleans everything on her body.

After that, please pick up things like thorns and sharp objects that are stuck on her body part. Next, wash this body with soap and water that the game is available too. To participate in this game you just need to follow the instructions given by the game. Isn’t it wonderful? Samantha is a wonderful gardener but even the best will have a sudden accident. So what you need to do now is to be agile and help her get out of this crisis. Pump her up with oxygen then wipe her body clean.

You treat the wound, apply a bandage as well as disinfect the wound so that it does not become infected. Waiting for her to wake up to do everything she needs to do right now. Help her recover from the fastest wound. You will get a lot of first aid skills when participating in this game. When she recovers from her wound, it’s time to complete the level. Are you interested in this kind of game? Become the professional ambulance doctor in the game Funny Rescue Gardener at http://abcya.club/.

Remember to share a fun game for your friends who together can learn quick first aid measures and free those in unexpected accidents. You will gain a lot more skills by allowing yourself to start some other similar game genre Bounce Balls

Control: Use mouse to be able to follow instructions of the game posing.

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