Hammer Hit GamePlay:

If you are bored with action or puzzle games, join the game Hammer Hit. For a chance to experience a game that combines puzzle and action. You need to have many skills to pass this game such as shooting skills, observation skills, distance calculation skills or situation handling skills. You will have to pass 50 different levels to conquer the whole game. In the first levels, you will feel extremely easy to pass by the hints on the screen. However, the difficulty level of the game will be significantly increased after each level.

Your task is to use your intelligence to destroy enemies with guns. However, you cannot shoot directly at enemies in all different locations on the screen. So you need to find connection points or calculate based on the bullet's jet speed to destroy the enemy. With Hammer Hit at kids games, you need to fire a bullet at a pedestal on the screen and that pedestal will launch the bullet towards your enemies. So you need to calculate the distance so that the bullet can accurately hit the enemy. Enemies can appear everywhere such as hidden corners, dead holes or high positions.

So you need to pinpoint the exact location of the enemy and shoot the bullet at the right spot on the screen. In each level, you only need to kill one enemy by connecting the target. However, the number of enemies can increase after each level so the difficulty level will be increased. Are you ready to explore Hammer Hit and some similar games? You can choose from a number of games like Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle at Angry Guys. Wish you have moments of relaxation and fun with friends and family!

How to play: You just need to use the mouse or touch the screen.

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