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Recently, a new kind of soccer has become popular due to its weirdness. Players use their head to play it. Try out Heads Arena: Euro Soccer at Abcya! Soccer is always the king of sports. But, have you ever played soccer by your head? It sounds so weird, right? But you will fall in love with it for sure. At abcya Games, you will have a chance to take part in a unique match in the sporting world which is Heads Arena: Euro Soccer.   What would you do here?

You pick your favorite team and game mode, then jump into the match. Trying to get as many scores as you can to become champion. This game offers 2 main modes which are Tournament and Part. Each of them is divided into many different playing modes for you to choose from. However, do not just play one mode only, let's conquer all of them. Various similar sports games are waiting for you at Abcya games online, including and so on. Have fun!

Heads Arena: Euro Soccer is one of the most interesting sports games in which you use your giant head to bounce the ball into the goal. Heads Arena: Euro Soccer offers a lot of playing modes which are solo, 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 co-ops or play the team variant 2 vs. 2.   You can choose from a dozen different teams, each with unique star players. Interestingly, you can play against the computer or against a friend or even team up with a friend. Your competitors are so skillful and quick. You must watch out. Keep the goal and get the score at the same time. Are you able to win? Check it out!

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Use the Arrow keys or WASD to move

The space or Q to kick. Or you can use your mouse to play this game. 

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