K Game Glass Bridge Survival GamePlay:

People who participated in the Game of Squid survival competitive pressure are expecting to receive the Glass Bridge stage of test results. In the K-game Glass Bridge Survival at Abcya 4th grade, you must greatly help your hero in successfully crossing the bridge and ability to remain alive. Your character, who will stick on the starting line, will be visible to the user directly in front of you.

Immediately in front of it is a works as an intermediary did make of various diameters of glass tiles. One could of them may break open under the weight of your hero, exacerbating him to fall from a significant height and die. Start examining the screen carefully. Somewhere at start of the struggle, the glass tiles on which your hero can consider moving will be outlined. You must keep in mind them and then have your hero move over them to the other side.

With rich gameplay, you will learn a lot of different skills. You will compete with other players to see who will be the fastest. Enjoy some more games similar to NOVA Covered Ops if you want to test your speed. 

Controls: Tap to jump