King Bowling Defense GamePlay:

Your kingdom is surrounded by hateful zombies. So the zombie wave appeared very quickly. You need to hit the kill immediately. What if they capture your city? Don’t let them achieve their goals. Use your cannon in this game King Bowling Defense at Abc games to protect yourself and your city. Shoot this cannon just push them into the water. So basically you need to stop the zombies from crossing the bridge and entering your castle.

Use your gun to destroy tons of Zombies that appear in front of you. They appeared in large swarms and were rushing wildly. You need to be very quick to observe and use your gun accurately in front to let them into the lake. After each level, you will deal with the biggest battle against a giant turtle at the end of the game. Don’t worry your cannon can destroy them all. Aim for accurate shooting. Don’t miss any Zombie that comes near your gun. That’s a bad thing happening!

Don’t let us get the goal that you become the leader of this land no one can match you. A giant boss is behind. Shooting the nearby zombie first is the main point for you to live longer. You can invite to unlock 10 cannon skins and a few more fierce combat weapons. To be able to protect your castle from the pursuit of these Zombies.

It’s fun when you can join with your friends in this kind of fighting game King Bowling Defense at https://abcya.club/ to train yourself the best skills and guns and survive in this fierce fighting. Don’t forget to allow yourself to participate in a few more similar interesting fighting game genres like Kogama Pro Run

Control: Use the mouse to be able to use the cannon to shoot the most accurate gun.

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