Modern Commando Combat GamePlay:

Choose a gun that you love on a match later. Let’s start this bloody fierce battle. Play the game Modern Commando Combat at Abcya games shooting 3d completely online for free and you do not need to worry about paying any amount. At the beginning of the game, you choose a gun for yourself. Then appears in a land where not only you but also many enemies. They lurk all around as well as on trees or large walls. So you need to move around and see the four directions. As long as you don’t focus, you will lose your life at any moment.

Be a shooting hero to kill all the enemies like a gangster and terrorist commandos in world war. Scary, right? But do not worry too much, show off your professional shooting skills to destroy all these fierce battlefield enemies. They appear far away. But with your great shooting skills as long as you aim to shoot to the place and shoot them, they will all knock you down. The more after the war, the more numerous opponents will appear. Don’t be afraid because you are a person with a lot of professional shooting skills.

Observe and aim to be precise, agile when meeting enemies. Do not let them come near or destroy you. It’s so bad you’ll have to end the game. Pass the level when you destroy the required number of enemies and the game. Unlock the next levels to buy more lethal guns. You will have a multitude of adventures participating in the challenge of the game Modern Commando Combat at http://abcya.club/.

Why is such an engaging fighting game you don’t share with your friends so together get the chance to transform into the most professional and very adventurous killer. You will have more experience when you explore yourself and some other similar fighting game genres Rage Road Online

Control: Use WASD KEYS / ARROW KEYS to move your character.

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