Nend.io GamePlay:

Let's temporarily leave the real world and start a virtual life in the game called Nend.io and see how your life is going to be. This is the latest multiplayer IO game at https://abcya.club/ that gives you a chance to build and live a life that is only in your imagination. You can live like a billionaire or a man who lives in poverty. It’s all up to you.

You will grow old with time and at some point, death will come knocking on your door but if you work hard and live wisely, you will be able to move on with your life by buying a worthy successor in the nursery. Just work and save money from day one. You have two main ways to earn money. Firstly, find money on the ground. This way is easy and you won't have to put in too much effort for that but you will need a lot of time to get a decent amount of money.

Besides, you may starve to death before you earn enough money to buy food. Secondly, work on computers, laboratory, or CEO's office. This is the fastest way to make money in this Abcya com game but you will get old faster because of stress and pressure. Also, when you have enough money, you can buy a building and receive commissions from it. There is something that you may not expect in this game that is you guys can kill each other to upgrade your character.

After some time, you will have the opportunity to upgrade the following stats: Computer skill, Broom skill, Negotiation skill, Strength, Speed, Bag, Research skill, Mood/Food/Sleep/Toilet, and so on. With rich content and addicting gameplay, you will have hours of fun here. Check it out along with other cool games such as Pounce.sh and ForceZ.io

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to move, E to interact, and left-click to hit.