Penalty Kick Target GamePlay:

How many football games have you ever played at Abcya for school? What about discovering one more option? Its name is Penalty Kick Target. It’s all about penalties and your main objective is to score as many times as possible just like in other football games.

So you have 6 balls but unlimited shots if you can shoot at a series of targets in a row. If you miss a shot, you lose a ball and when you run out of 6 balls, the game ends. After a successful kick, the next target will move further away. It means it’s much harder to shoot at the target. You have to adjust the strength and angle of each shot. Put too much force on the shot and the ball will fly over the goal whereas, if you use little force, the ball will not be able to hit the target.

You have to control the force of the shot. It’s not easy at first but the more time you spend on the game, the more you know about the gameplay and over time, you can master each shot. At https://abcya.club/, some football games have the same gameplay but each of them has a different vibe and gives you a different gaming experience. In other football games, you have to take a spot-kick on the goal and that goal is defended by the goalkeeper of the opposing team.

However, here, there is no opposing team’s goalkeeper. You also don’t have to compete against time. Your luck and your skills decide the success of each shot. Keep it in your mind and have fun with other games such as Mini Golf Club and Faceball.

How to play: Click or tap.

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