Pet Healer - Vet Hospital GamePlay:

Set up the hospital for pets in this new game of Pet Healer - Vet Hospital and help cure these adorable pets! If you are good enough, you might even gather many coins, expand the hospital, purchase new equipment, unlock new meds, and so on! Plenty of new experience for you to learn here! First, you need to learn how to cure simple diseases in your new clinic by following up with the instruction and steps.

Guidance steps are the key to master this game. Once you have understood the basics, start going for harder treatment and taking care of more critical pets. It's a simple yet addictive game with intuitive interface for all kids to enjoy, therefore, you can hop right in without worrying about costs or interruption. Feel free to replay the session until when you fully understand the way to treat the pets. It's all about interaction between the vet and the pets, so feel free to improvise according to your knowledge. Plenty adorable pets are waiting for you, so are you ready to take over the vet role for a day? No need to worry if you haven't tried it out before!

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How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys to move. You can click and hold the left mouse button to move as well.

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