Princess Family Picnic Day GamePlay:

Prepare a wonderful picnic on a good day to help Elsa’s family can experience it together. This is a good opportunity for you to join and relax in a family picnic. Common sense that right now is a fascinating game genre Princess Family Picnic Day at Abc ya free games. Your first task is to choose clothes for the family. The first is Elsa’s mother. You choose for her a set of clothes to become the most beautiful at this party.

When going out for a picnic, you should choose some clothes that look comfortable. Then add the main accessory which is high heels. A pair of glasses I think is a perfect choice for a picnic. in the end just a handbag. After completing this mission you will start with when the next character. Elsa, let’s choose for her some accessories such as hats. A set of clothes become the prettiest and cutest in the picnic. A pair of sneakers is an indispensable choice in this game. Next is the selection of decorations.

Please prepare all the necessary furniture that the game requires. You can help the family with choices such as bringing water, snacks, cameras, and towels to spread on the ground. Interesting isn’t it? You can choose all that you feel most needed for this picnic. The picnic space was extremely beautiful and complete. Let’s enjoy it now with Elsa’s family.

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Control: Use the mouse to create a cozy family party.

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