Seashells Sudoku GamePlay:

Like any other classic Sudoku version, Seashells Sudoku from ABCya puzzle game test the ability to filter the different types of seashells, arrange them and assign them to their rightful position and clear the board. Of course, one element that can’t be missed out in puzzle games is the pressure of time. Let’s find out how many clamshells you can fill in an empty box!

There will be different spaces and positions inside the box. Your job is to arrange the clamshells based on the shape and color so that they will match the box. However, keep in mind that there can’t be two of the same type in every row or column. If you find out two same pieces, reassemble them to achieve the right result. The faster you finish the whole board, the more scores you will collect.

At first, the players only have to deal with a small number of unlocked shells. As you progress through this game at http://abcya.club/, it will be quite a challenge as the number of seashells gradually increases. Should you find yourself stuck for too long, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the hints to free some spaces.

Share more gaming selections with your friends and refresh your collection with new ones like Fruit Mega Slots for a better experience. With good gameplay, adorable graphics and cute colors on seashells, this game shall be your favorite for soothing after long days.

Controlling keys: Click on the seashells using the left button and drag to interact.

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