Street Dunk GamePlay:

Street Dunk at Abcya 2021 club is a simple game but based on realistic physics. You will get a chance to win when you pass all the levels that the game sets out. For this game, you will play basketball on the street alone. You need to estimate the distance then drag and drop to be able to bring the ball exactly into the basket. It's hard, right? In the first levels, there are no pitfalls but with the later levels, there will be obstacles appearing.

On the path that you need to move, there will be characters appearing to perform actions that interfere so that you can throw the ball into the basket. Are you ready to conquer this ball? Let's aim and observe the most accurate throw to score yourself a high amount of money and pass the level. Luck will smile when you get a skill. You need to bypass all these obstacles to start moving forward and keep the ball as safe as possible.

Throwing into the basket precisely this is a difficult thing. But if you have an estimation mind the best you can achieve. Let's have fun with these exciting street balls and be the only character to pass all the required levels with the highest score. The game helps you to relax and entertain without getting bored. Try to do as many things correctly in one place this beautiful city.

Quickly that his friends join the game Street Dunk at https://abcya.club/ so that together can share the basketball experience in the safest and most fortunate way. You can fully experience the feeling of playing basketball in a few other similar sports game genres like Swimming Hero

Control: Use the mouse to estimate the distance and shoot the ball.

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