Super Escape Masters GamePlay:

Collect lots of gold and keys to be able to open the door to help you escape from this prison. This is a great game Super Escape Masters at Abcya games action. you should not miss. Please quickly press the Play button to enjoy the most enjoyable moments. Coming to this game will have the police guarding the prison. How did you escape from prison? That is you need to dig underground tunnels to move.

Let your friends escape from prison and enjoy an exciting underground adventure. Please dig the tunnel properly. Arrange many obstacles so you can enjoy your freedom when escaping from this place. For the first level, it’s not that difficult. You just need to dig a moving path and collect the keys to the destination. But the level later on the amount of sand police and flashlight shining on you is a lot. Under the tunnel, there will also be obstacles that block your way.

Dodge spikes, boxes, explosives, and the most professional guard guards. Let’s go to the truck and leave this place with three stars. You absolutely can collect the gold and the key to open the escape portal. Try to complete all the levels to the maximum in this awesome and frantic run. You will need to use a lot of skills. Observation is a very necessary thing. Gets loads of fun in the escape game giving you unique? Quick to escape all the lights of these police guards. The pitfalls ahead under the tunnel await you. Dodge them in the best way in the game Super Escape Masters at http://abcya.club/. Have fun sharing this game with your friends.

Together with your friends join now on the game to get together the most unique and crazy escape experiences. Explore in addition to a few other similar game genres Wizard Vs Orcs.

Control: Use mouse to be able to escape from prison.

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