Super Peaman World GamePlay:

Jump as far and accurately as possible to help your Superman character collect all the peanuts and coins in the game Super Peaman World at Abc ya games of the week. Pass and shoot destroy all the enemies that appear on the path. This will get in your way. But I believe you are a smart person. You can completely break all the obstacles in this game as well as the enemies. Try to collect the coins don't miss any coins. it can be a tool to help you unlock more and better weapons.

You have three chances to die and come back to life. If you run out of lives, you will have to stop the game. Try to collect enough three stars as you were able to pass its arrangement. But the location of the stars is very difficult for you to collect. There are always deadly traps around that prevent you from collecting these stars.

Try to observe and use your smart brain and the game to look for moments of opportunity to fight with the evil monsters. Jump above all the horizontal bars to be able to move more safely on this height. Try to jump and watch combined to create the safest and moving skills. Try to reach the finish line with a high amount of money and buy more and better combat weapons. Shoot all the evil enemies.

What do you think when I can invite my friends to join this game Super Peaman World at https://abcya.club/ to share the incarnations of Superman guys full of fighting skills. You can join a few other attractive game genres like Red Man : Jumping.

Control: Use the arrow keys to control your Superman character to fight.

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