Sweet Boom Puzzle Game GamePlay:

Colorful candies with fun animations are sure to entice you in the online game Sweet Boom Puzzle Game at abcya new games. Embark on a journey through the sweet world. A puzzle game that trains your brain. Sweet people to complete the levels. But bombs are limited, so count. The cute monsters look like jelly. Chess background. Games for kids and adults. This year's new game will make you feel very happy and love it.

Are you ready to experience new and unexpected things? New version with very unique gameplay. You will have to learn the rules of the game to solve the puzzles corresponding to each level. Very interesting and attractive by extremely vivid 3D image design. Animals like colorful rhinestones. You will be captivated. What are you waiting for?

Play now and join the online game Sweet Boom Puzzle Game at https://abcya.club/. You will have more new experiences. What will you do to be able to break through in this game? Each level will provide colorful monster names. You will destroy them all to complete the level. But when you destroy one, it will fire round bullets. You need to choose the right position of the monster so that the bullets fired are enough to destroy them all. The game is very attractive! But the puzzle is interesting.

Each level will be more and more difficult. There are two modes easy and hard. You will experience each level in turn. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Candy Rain 7.

Game controls: Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.

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