Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone GamePlay:

Worm Hunt is a snake game in the iO zone. In the worm zone at Abcya games 4 school, slither like a snake! Move your worms through the maps, accumulating gems to grow bigger, and if you're bigger than any of the worms slithering more than, you can bump into them to eat and minimize them, great affiliate and playing until you're the king of both the maps.

Worm Clash Of the titans is the newest free 2022 updated version of the old classic colored snake game! The game can be played in three modes:

- Timed Mode, in which you must defeat everyone before the timer runs out.

- Endless Mode, in which you attempt to gain the most weight for the worm while surviving as long as possible.

- Gems Forever, a mode in which you attempt to collect as many gems as possible.

How do you win the worm game? Collect as much food as you can in order to become the largest snake in the gaming arena! Many other worms will obstruct your battle royale, but you can overcome them by upgrading your worm.

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