Zumbla Deluxe GamePlay:

As an explorer in Zumbla Deluxe. In the game at Abcya com, you will only be blocked by marbles, and your mission will be to blast them all. You must finish all of the levels in challenge mode, assist frog marble defense in jungle marble, and try to get three stars in each level.


- Marbles game has more interesting levels of a variety of temple quests.

- Freeze stone, Rainbow stone, Bombs, and a variety of other interesting props await your exploration in shooting marbles.

In addition, we also update tons of new games for you to explore such as Clock Puzzle. Expanding the list of online games today. 


1. Place your finger on the screen where you want to shoot.

2. Remove marbles by matching three or more of the same marbles. Destroy all of the marble lines in the chain before it reaches its conclusion.

3. Marble shooting more combos and chains to get the highest score, try to get three stars in each level of marble games!

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