You have played many racing and driving game but do you know what is drift? You see this word many times, right? Drift Boss is the lastest drifting game at abcya games online. It’s all about drifting. With the one-button control, you drive your car and go through the tricky corner and conquer every bump. Avoid fall off the platform is your main objective here. It sounds simple but you will be amazed at its challenging level.

Timing is the key point to have the best achievement. You have to drift left and right at the right time to make the car go forwards. Inertia, your vehicle will skid a bit after drifting. So make sure you take action with good timing. The path is not straight and smooth. It includes tricky corners and bumps. Each turn is a challenge that you have to concentrate and try to anticipate your drifts so your car will stay on the platform instead of falling. With each successful drift, you earn coins.

Then, you can unlock new cars such as a truck, taxi, police car and more to keep enjoying your drifting journey on http://abcya.club/. Like other games, the difficulty increases significantly as the game processes. You will deal with narrow platforms and tricky spots. It’s ok if you just start for a few seconds then fail. You will improve after each failure. Don’t give up and let’s keep moving forwards, then at some point, you will get a high score. Stay focused, keep practicing and good luck! You can use what you got here to play other games such as Gluttonous Snake and Grand Prix Hero

How to control: Click to turn left or right.

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