Gluttonous Snake is an enjoyable puzzle game related to snake but you won’t eat to become longer and bigger like some famous games. Here at abcya free games, you have a game board and a dot which is a snake on each level. Your job is to lead this dot to go through every tile of the game board to fill it with your color. However, make sure you won’t go through a tile twice. Of course, you can’t do that. Look at the number of the dot and it means the number of tiles you have to color.

It sounds simple and easy, right? Actually, you have to think and observe to be successful as you must find a perfect way to slither to color the whole space and make sure nothing is left behind, even only one tile or you can’t unlock the next level. Clear 20 levels to unlock a new chapter. On http://abcya.club/, if you realize that you go the wrong way, you can return without losing anything. This game doesn’t require you have to finish each level in a limited time, so don’t rush.

Play the game at your own pace. As you level up, the game board is bigger. It means you will find it harder to color the whole place but it also means there is not only a single fixed way to succeed but also some ways to reach the final goal. Draw a gluttonous snake and have fun with your mission. Besides, remember to check out more awesome games on our site such as Grand Prix Hero and Darts

Controls: Move by using your mouse.

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