Look at its name, you definitely think that it’s a driving game that focuses on the parking mission. However, Parking Jam is a puzzle game where you have to figure out the way to free all crowded parking lots. Yes, several levels require you to clear several parking lots as several puzzles at abcya free games online. Basically, what you have to do here is to take each car after each car out of the parking lot but it’s full of cars and everyone else’s cars are blocking all the way.

To free this parking lot, you need to choose to move which cars first and this process needs to be done in the right order. The first car just likes a knot. If you remove it, you can easily move other ones. On http://abcya.club/, this game is fun and challenging because all the missions test your logic skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The game keeps challenging later on as the parking lots become tighter with tons of obstacles. You don’t take control of these cars.

You just need to bring each car to close to the road and it auto moves. Feel free to take time to think and observe to clear each level. If you pick them in the wrong order, you can change it. It doesn’t affect anything. You also don’t have any hints or power-ups to help you during the game. However, you can do it for sure. So let’s count how much time do you need to solve all the puzzles. After that, please check out these options such as Square Bird e Virus Jigsaw

Controls: Use your left click to move each car.

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