Most of the io games come with a multiplayer platform and survival theme that requires the player to move constantly to avoid being killed. With Smismi .io, a fun abcya free game, we focus on injecting the fun time with a weird type of slime that just eats whatever crosses its way. The players still have to do their best to survive being eaten by the larger opponents, but the joy of growing a Smismi of your own can be a prominent feature!

You will control a king slimeball. As you move the ball, there will be a small army that follows you wherever you go. Move flexibly first to attract more soldiers in your army. Then, when you have enough soldiers, it’s time to devour all kinds of stuff around the map.

The vast map with tons of objects and infrastructure such as cars, trees, trash cans or the entire buildings will allow your character to roam and explore. The more it absorbs, the more units you will be able to develop. The larger your army, the faster they will eat objects or other armies. Once you own a large enough group of slimeballs, it’s time to go look for others and test out the strength of your little group.

There is a time limit for each turn. Make sure that you can build a significantly big group after two minutes because after that the battle will start. Can you set the highest score while exploring the survival mode of the game here at http://abcya.club? IO games bring tons of fun moments, why don’t you check out Minecraft Swamp Skirmish and Classic Klondike later?

Instructions: Use the left mouse to move and interact.

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