2048 ABC Runner GamePlay:

As its name, 2048 ABC Runner is a merging game about 26 letters in the alphabet. Unlike other merging games about numbers that you may have tried at https://abcya.club/, you will merge the same letters instead of the same numbers, and the way to do it is quite different. You will roll a given letter towards the same one on the runway. Other letters stay still. Only your letter can roll and you have to lead it to the same letter.

When you merge 2 identical letters, a new letter is created. For example, if you let letter A meet letter A, letter B is created. Letter B combines with letter B to create letter C. The challenge of this game is that you have to protect your letter from several obstacles while trying not to miss the target letter. If you pass it, you won’t see the second one later on. This game is so different from the ones you have ever played, isn’t it?

Your main objective in this Abcya com game is to create letters as close to the end of the alphabet as possible. It’s best to create the letter Z if it’s possible. If you get the letter Z, you will receive the highest level of reward. No matter what letter you create, as long as you cross the finish line, you can move to the next level and start the rolling journey with the next letter in the alphabet. That’s how you play 2048 featuring letters instead of numbers.

Kids can play this game as well. They can have a great gaming time while learning 26 letters of the alphabet. Have fun and check out more awesome games here such as Star Cube and Voxel Merge 3D.

Controls: Mouse.

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