Among Stacky Runner GamePlay:

Play and relax in a newly released game genre Among Stacky Runner at Abcya free games that is sure to make you feel great. Rest assured that many interesting things are waiting for you. You just need to focus on the game and make a lot of goals. You control the impostor on an adventure quest on a long road full of blocks. Take control of it. Collect lots of yellow blocks to pass many stairs. There are very high stairs in front.

So this impostor needs to have enough yellow blocks to pass these stairs. You will also have to stop the game if you are not observing. Because there won't be a yellow block then you can't jump above all the black holes or deadly voids. Go up the ladder, luck will smile at you. When you get the skills you will win. The gap will make you feel difficult and it will cause you to fall at any time.

React fast to use yellow blocks to make your way even more amazing. Observe and act on what you desire during this time. Focus on the game and be careful. Because if you lose control you have to stop the game Among Stacky Runner at https://abcya.club/. React quickly when encountering obstacles to quickly find for themselves as many safe paths as possible.

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Control: Use the arrow keys to help the character jump high.