Save The Guy GamePlay:

The boy is stuck on a long rope. How can you help the guy land safely without falling? It's hard, right? Think and apply your smart brain to this task to find a solution in the game Save The Guy at Abcya 2021 club. You need to take advantage of items like wooden bars to help the guy land safely. Because the world already has a lot of sharp holes.

But this sharp iron nail pit is the most difficult obstacle and also the difficult deadly trap that the player needs to overcome. Later in the level, there will be more and more deadly traps. You can use these items as useful things to help get the guy down safely. You need to have a smart brain to be able to do that.

You need to observe and think about when to cut the rope at the right time. Using the most accurate beer-making items can help players stay safe. Rescue the guy through many levels to train you with the smartest skill. The beautiful guy will make you feel fluttered when he rescues him. Unlock more levels behind to show your smart talent. Countless fun things and mysteries are waiting for you. Unlock them with a high amount.

Quickly invite your friends to join the game Save The Guy at https://abcya.club/ so they can start together in the moments of saving the boy with his smart brain. Let's explore a few more similar brain puzzle genres like TFT Color Fall

Control: Use mouse to cut away the rope.

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