TFT Color Fall GamePlay:

Play and relax in a new game genre that has just been released that you have never been in. Sounds appealing right? This is a game with extremely simple graphic design but it will help you solve your smart brain in this game TFT Color Fall at Abcya 4 school. Luckiness will come to you! You need to open the keys to pour all the solutions at the top down. Once your truck's crates are filled your truck will pass the level and unlock the level at the back.

For the first levels, nothing is difficult. You just need to remove all the keys and you can pour them into the solution already. But for later levels, there will be black solutions that you cannot touch. These black solutions are blocking the movement of other solutions. So you need to remove this black solution to be able to unlock and pour other solutions back.

Sounds difficult right? Why should you focus so much on the game and think using your smart brain? So that your solution passes countless deadly traps and obstacles to the truck's trunk in the safest way. You will win this level with a very high amount. Use that money to upgrade more and more interesting trucks.

Invite as many of your friends to join this game TFT Color Fall at https://abcya.club/ as possible to perform the most exciting truck action. Have fun joining a few other similar fun game genres like Turn Dot

Control: use mouse to pour the solution.

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