Baby Panda Color Mixing Studio GamePlay:

Make colors to help the panda defeat the mice. Is it amazing? Baby Panda Color Mixing Studio at abcya 3 girl games is a free online game that you can fully participate in your computer or mobile phone. Let's go! Luckiness will come to you! Your goal in this game is to create colors similar to the wall colors. Then paint over the panda so that the rats won’t be detected. If you do so, you will keep your lollipop.

There are many colors, blue, yellow, white … It is difficult for you to mix them and create colors such as orange, pink. Don’t worry as long as you have an observation. Smarter and use your skills to create great colors together and help the panda escape the mouse. If you create colors that do not match the wall colors, you will not be able to fool the mouse.

Show off your creativity to overcome all the challenges from the game. How long can you live? It all depends on your wisdom. Entertain yourself right now with the game and enjoy the many things the game has to offer. Raccoons will surely bring you many attractions that you have never had before. Discover more in the game Baby Panda Color Mixing Studio at http://abcya.club/.

Remember to share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join now to the game to have fun moments together. Experience adding some other similar game genres like Penguin Bounce.

How to play: use to be able to win the challenge.

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