Run Panda Run GamePlay:

Despite the windy and snowy weather, the panda needs to finish his journey in this new running game from Abcya club! As he decides to challenge himself with the harsh weather, will you be his assistant and help him out? The job of this panda’s assistant is to tell him when to jump to avoid falling down the dark holes between the poles. Not only does he need to jump over those obstacles to keep himself safe but he also has to collect coins.

The more coins he collects, the more items he can purchase from the store at http://abcya.club. Simple as the rule might be, some of the most crucial requirements to survive in this game are endurance and consistency. Only by focusing for a long time will you be able to reach the furthest checkpoints and write your scores on the Leaderboard.

Thanks to the bright graphics and smooth transition, players from all over the world have tried and fallen in love with this fun game. Will you check it out as well? A tip for the new players is to estimate the perfect timing before each pit shows up. Bear in mind that you need to jump a few seconds beforehand to make sure that the panda can land on the next pole safely.

Newly updated features will also distinguish this new game from the other ordinary ones from other sites. On our website, you can also find other options from the same category such as Tower Vs Tower.

How to play: Click or tap on the screen to make the panda jump.

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