Tower Vs Tower GamePlay:

How long can you keep your tower perfectly balanced? In this two-player game from abc games, the kids can build up their own tower filled with colorful cubes. Two small planes will fly over with the color cube attached under their radars! Both of them have the same mission. Who will carry out the mission successfully first? Since there are two players taking part in the game at the same time, your job is to control your own airplanes and drop the cubes.

Choose the most appropriate distance and location to drop the cubes. As you drop each cube, make sure that it is not falling down on the ground because it will be such a waste. The goal is to drop enough cube so as to place the final pentagon shapes over the tower. That’s not the end! You have to keep it there for a while to claim the winner title. The hard part is to maintain the balance of the tower as you layer more and more pieces on top.

With the special feature which allows two players playing at the same time, you need to work your best as fast as possible to defeat the other one. This is one of the best games for kids from http://abcya.club thanks to the adorable cubes with a wide range of colors and easy gameplay. Plenty of levels are available for you to overcome and challenge your inner talents!

Don’t waste any cubes and accomplish this mission on air! Other games which are equally fun are 2048 Solitaire.


Player 1 uses W key

Player 2 uses the up arrow to drop the cubes.

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