Gold Tower Defense GamePlay:

Gold Tower Defense is the latest construction game with arcade gaming features to be added to the list at Abcya 2022 online! Let's see if you can keep the stack of gold on your base and prevent the other monsters from stealing it! There will be a total of 80 story modes filled with different layout and varied number of monsters attacking. If you haven't tried out any constructing game online, this one will be a perfect option as it can be fun for both newbies and advanced players to join! Construct a tower whereever necessary and prevent the monster's attack.

Keep in mind that it's crucial to keep the golden area safe from the passing monsters. Check the posible positions for the new towers and construct them. Once the game screen shows the word of installation completed, you can start utilizing the new towers for shooting at the monsters. Which one will you pick to place among two choices of ground and airborne tower? From Barrack Tower, Star Blade Tower, to Lighting Tower, each brings a different shooting technique and capability.

The players joining this battlefield also need to pay attention to the attribute between the towers and the monsters base on three marks of rock, paper, scissors. Don't forget to check the attack damage constantly to keep track of your current stamina and power bar, as well as the remaining lives. For every successful levels, you will be able to gain scores to claim new rewards. We are currently running a gift of 77 rubies for all newly joined players, along with daily tasks and rewards!

You can upgrade the towers to prepare for harder stages by picking a tower of the desired grade among the list shown in the Tower Draw. Go ahead and tackle other equally exciting adventure games like K Game Glass Bridge Survival from https://abcya.club/!

Controls: Use the arrow keys and enter key to control.

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