Save Your Home GamePlay:

You worked very hard to build your house. But many people don't want to do it and want to enjoy everything. Kill all those invaders when playing the online game Save Your Home at https://abcya.club/. You will feel a lot of new and exciting things. More fun! Enjoy all the difficulties and challenges. Protect your home with power cords. Save Your Home is a survival idle action game where you protect your family and home from enemies by upgrading weapons and building ropes to block enemies. You will fight alone and the enemies are many.

How can the house be protected? You will use extension cords around the front of the house to prevent movement, then use the gun to repeatedly end them. Invite your friends to join the online game Save Your Home at ABCya games online for PC. The gameplay is simple, but to win you need to be very focused because you are alone. You will constantly use maneuvers to fight enemies. There are many levels, there are evil enemies, and you need to break through.

Test your agility and show that you are not shy at all. Those who want to destroy the house will end up unlucky. Do not let them attack and destroy the house. It was very sad to see that scene. Share this game with your friends and explore together. Very interesting game. Play now and have a lot of fun. There are many more interesting games, please play some other games similar to Pirates Path of the Buccaneer and Imposter Expansion Wars

Instructions: Use the mouse to set the rope on the map.

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