Agent of Descend is a challenging turn-based RPG game at abcya for free games. Now it’s up to you and this brave agent to defend it at all costs in this turn-based action game. You can earn cash to buy extra ammo and other items along the way. You will start from the top of the building making your way down to the ground floor.

Every time you completed your mission in each floor you’ll be awarded with some cash and bonus items that you’ll need in the game. With your cash, you can purchase upgrades that will make your character stronger and better. Increase the stats of your skills, purchase weapons for your melee, upgrade your guns and buy ammunition for your pistols, shotguns and assault rifles and some cool items like grenade, medpack and handcuffs.

Why not introduce the great things of the game to your friends and invite your friends to join the game today for a chance to experience the fascinating space warrior. If you like this game genre, you absolutely can challenge yourself to participate in some other interesting game genres such as Sandwich and Ragdoll Fighters at http://abcya.club/

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