Alfajores GamePlay:

Have you ever made a cake? If not then start the game Alfajores at Abcya 2 club so you can go to the kitchen and challenge this mission. The first thing you need to do is take all the ingredients you need in the cupboard. Pour milk, sugar and some other ingredients into the pan and mix well. There are a lot of ingredients please pour from material 1 and do not miss any ingredients. Then put the pan into the gas stove and heat up.

Do you see any interesting things ahead with this cake making? Follow the instructions the game requires to be able to make a perfect cake. Stir the ingredients in the pan then turn off the heat. The game has a claim against time. So you need to be as fast as possible. Feel free to relax confidently with the challenge of baking games to your liking. Then enjoy it. How do you think you can make a delicious and crunchy pie?

This is a favorite dessert of all time in Spain. Please try with the skills that you have to follow the standards of the game. Every time you pass a game playing with a challenge, you continue with the next challenge to be able to train yourself a better ability to make cakes.

All of that is only in the game Alfajores at https://abcya.club/. Join your friends now to join the game so you can become the best chef to cook a cake ever. Why don't you allow yourself to join some other interesting games Popcorn Burst 3D

How to play: Use mouse to be able to make cakes.

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