Angry Skulls GamePlay:

Angry Birds - the classic game comes with plenty of variation for the players who love the same gameplay but with a different theme. Join Angry Skulls to defeat armies of zombies with your excellent shooting skills! Let us guide you through this Abcya free game. Can you see the huge infrastructure on the right side of the screen where zombies are gathering around? That will be your ultimate target in this game.

Use the limited number of Skulls available on the shelves to shoot down the tower. If you choose the right spot to hit, the whole tower will probably collapse and so do the scary zombies. All it takes is one extremely accurate hit to take down the herds of zombies. The more zombies you shoot down, the higher the scores you will gain. However, keep in mind that you need to surpass a certain score band to pass on to the next level.

Some bonuses are also hidden inside the tower, therefore, keep an eye for them. These bonuses can become helpful in the tougher levels, so don't waste any of them! A tip for the new players is that you should aim properly and carefully before deciding to shoot the zombies. If there are too many of them, you might have to come up with a strategy in which many turns are used.

At https://abcya.club/, not only will you train your shooting skills but you can emerge in the colorful world! How about checking out other options from the same category like Maze Tower?

Instructions: Drag and release the left mouse button to shoot the skulls.

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