Bird Sort Puzzle GamePlay:

Bird Sort Puzzle is the latest free sorting puzzle game with a new art style and colorful bird collection. Will make you enjoy exercising your brain. This sorting game stimulates your brain in a very fun and challenging way. It's easy to play with one-finger control and is suitable for all ages. Test your IQ by passing unique levels and unlocking new challenges. Play for free now and enjoy super fun challenges and awesome puzzles! You will play very happy to explore the world of colorful birds.

Collect a full collection of birds as you work your way through the game. You will have a very long time to start the game and finish with the highest results. Test your intelligence by playing the online game Bird Sort Puzzle at.... Move the bird by touching it and then touching the branch you want it to move to. The rule is that you can only move the bird if it has the same color and has enough space on the branch. Try not to get stuck. If you get stuck, just go back step by step with the back button or restart the level at any time with the restart button.

The game has no time limit. Easy to play but hard to master. The best graphics and sound in each genre. A unique concept of the classification game is a flying bird classification puzzle. Challenging and strategic levels to enjoy the moving bird puzzles. What are you waiting for? Start controlling all the birds and put them in the right positions. All birds of the same color need to be near each other. You will show your quick observation in this game. If you love this game, you can play some other similar games like City Builder at kids games.

Game controls: Touch screen or use a mouse.

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