Boxes Wizard GamePlay:

A secret world is taking place in the scramble for the gold cup. Here, witches are starting to strategize to do just that. Discover the online game Boxes Wizard. Ready to conquer everything. We will play together and share interesting techniques of this game. Your task is to control the witch to move everywhere, collect precious gems, and search for the golden trophy. There are many levels, each level will be a puzzle. You need to perform fast to move to another level. But the way to solve the puzzle at each level is different.

Together we will learn and overcome easily. You will love it the first time you play, you need to exercise a lot of logical knowledge of the brain, and the quickness of the hands to move professionally. Enjoy the online game Boxes Wizard at kids games. Do you want to join now? Together we will share a lot of strategies when participating in this game. This is an art game in which you play as a witch wielding a wooden staff. With the ability to teleport and push boxes, you'll navigate through 40 increasingly difficult levels filled with puzzles and obstacles.

Swap locations with boxes to create new paths and solve puzzles. Each level is carefully crafted. With classically inspired graphics, the game offers a challenging and immersive adventure. As you progress, you will face more difficult challenges. Use your magic power and skills to overcome them all and win. You will become the most attractive witch in this game. If you love it, you can play some more games similar to End of War and Gas Station Arcade.

Game controls: Use arrow keys to play.

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