End of War GamePlay:

The war passed, thousands of bombs destroyed cities, forests and fields. Recreate a beautiful, fresh city when you join the online game End Of War at kids games. Do you want to start now when you feel a lot in this fascinating game? You will play and share so much fun with your friends. You will play the role of a leader, a pioneer to be able to create a city after the war. The task is very important and heavy, you try to achieve it. You will establish a city with the most modern facilities. But you can't build alone, you need team help.

Therefore, do not forget to connect people to do it together. Join the online game End Of War to save the world. Everything was burned and only rubble remained. The world needs a hero who will unite different people of all ages and rebuild cities, someone who will reforest, someone who can rekindle the hope of a peaceful existence in the world. people's hearts and revive life after the era of war. And that person is you! It is you who can unite people, rebuild houses, factories, and factories.

Rescue the people from the ruins and restore the forest. Revive cities and lead the country to prosperity! A lot of work makes sense to restore the world to how it was before. Sure it will be difficult, hard and time consuming but you have a very strong will you will succeed. There are a lot of good people around and they are ready to help you make it happen. Please feel a lot of fun while playing this game, if you love it you can play some other games similar to Gas Station Arcade and  Color Ball Run 2048.

Control: Use mouse or touch the screen to play.

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